I made a mistake on my order, what do I do now?

Stop what you’re doing and give us a call RN!

We aim to get your order out A-TO-THE-SAP, so once you have clicked the 'Confirm Payment’ button your order has been confirmed and sent to our super speedy warehouse.

We can’t make any promises but we’ll do what we can to update your order if you call us before your order progresses too far. We can’t change the items or sizes in your order once it is placed, SOZ, but if you give us a call we can see whether it's possible to cancel the order so you can place it again.

Too late to update?

If you accidentally entered the wrong address, you might want to consider creating a MyPost account with Australia Post. With a MyPost account, some deliveries can be redirected or rescheduled, but please note that this is not a factorie service so we cannot guarantee any particular services offered through MyPost. Please contact Australia Post for more information.

If you have ordered the wrong size or want to change any items in your order, head to How can I return an online purchase? for details on how to return.

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