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What’s the Planet Factorie Foundation all about?

We don’t just care about people, but also the environment. That’s why we set up this Foundation, to look after all the different projects we are involved in – our first project is to raise money for a village in Uganda, named Kyalulangira.

There is a school in Kyalulangira village, Uganda which will be one of the main focuses of the project. Together with our customers' support, we aim to raise $150 000 to build a furnished 5 classroom block for 250 students.

The money raised will also be able to provide lunch for the school kids, house 15 staff members, provide healthcare via outreach nurses, mosquito nets, and HIV/Aids testing & counseling. 

We will also build sustainable plantations including 5 acres of coffee, 10 acres of maize, 2 acres of Irish potatoes, school veggie garden and 2 cows to breed and utilize for milk.

The aim of the project is to make a lasting difference in Kyalulangira Village. 

With our customers' support, we can do this in 12 months: by purchasing a charity item, you are supporting Planet Factorie and our projects in Kyalulangira Village. 

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